The faculty and staff of Booneville Schools appear to be in line for a raise for next school year.

Superintendent John Parrish made an announcement to that effect after the financial report during last week’s school board meeting showed the school district has about $2.8 million in operating funds and about $4.1 million in total.

“Our balances have gone up enough to where we probably need to our teachers and our classified staff about what we want to do raise wise for next year,” Parrish said.

Parrish also noted that in recent years any excess money teachers received has been in the form of a bonus which has no carry over to the following year.

“Our balances have gone up and we need to pass that on to our staff,” he said.

The district also has almost $900,000 in a building fund, almost $700,000 of which is dedicated to renovations and building new structures because the money was derived from a bond refinance, Parrish said.

The board also approved spending about $28,000 on a new vehicle for Parrish to drive.

Parrish said his current truck has over 240,000 miles and is so unreliable the school’s head of transportation has requested he not take it out of town.

The best price for trucks on a state bid contract agreement, Parrish said, was for a Dodge. The 4x4, half ton short bed vehicle had a price of $26,000 with the additional $2000 needed to upgrade the truck from a farm truck by changing the seats and trimming.

Parrish said he was told it would be three or four months before the vehicle can be delivered.

In making a motion to approve the purchase, board member Todd Tatum agreed the price was a good one.

In other matters the board also heard from junior high counselor Jay Loyd about plans for more parental involvement, including an April 20 open house for sixth grade students who will be moving to the junior high next year, and their parents; approved raising adult lunch prices by 25 cents; and approved the 2017-2018 school year calendar.

The lunch fee hike from $3.25 to $3.50 for adult lunches was a recommendation that came out of a food service audit, Parrish said.

The calendar approved by the board calls for the next school year to start on Aug. 16 and end on May 23, 2018.