Exactly how heroic it was might be up for debate but a Magazine man last week rescued his chocking child last Monday night through techniques he learned in annual CPR training as a teacher in the Magazine schools.

“I was sitting at the computer and she was beside me eating a grape,” said Lance Holt. “I don’t really know what happened but she turned around and I could tell she was (choking).

“The next thing I remember I had her in front of me so I tried to do the back method but that was working. So I don’t know if I was doing it right or just pushing on her belly,” said Lance.

“He was pretty calm,” said Lori. “I was not as calm as he was. He’s our hero.”

Lance, who takes the optional training every year said he really isn’t sure it was anything he did, “but I know for sure it was the grace of God to get it out.”

Lance and his wife Lori didn’t actually see the grape their now quite 5-year old pre-kindergartner daughter was struggling to swallow so it is likely it went into the digestive system.

“I don’t think she chewed it up very well. Later on she looked at me at the hospital and said you don’t play with your food,” said Lance.

By the time Lance was able to free the airwave, emergency personnel were already on the way — because he didn’t think he was going to be able to get the grape out, Lori called 9-1-1.

“The ambulance and EMTs got there really fast,” said Lance. “It didn’t seem like it but they did.”

The Holts, who live about four miles from the school where both Lance and Lori are teachers, decided to make sure their oldest child was okay.

“They do an x-ray. They thought her sternum was broken so they recommended going to Children’s hospital,” said Lance. “It ended up not being broken. They said it was a common mistake because growth plates showed lines so that’s what they think was broken.”

Before Lillee could breath again she actually threw up twice, Lance said. That was surprising to the science teacher.

He said he also learned that grapes and hot dogs are the main foods which cause children to choke.

Lillee stayed home from school Tuesday, at least until her class Valentine party. The only lingering effect of the incident was some petechial hemorrhaging around the eyes and cheeks, which the doctors told Lance and Lori was evidence of how seriously the grape was lodged.