Eyeing retirement, Brian Mueller started January as the new District Judge for the southern district of Logan County.

“It worked out where I’ll be in a position to do this for four years and then I’ll have the required number of years in the retirement system and I felt like this was kind of a good way to conclude my career,” said Mueller.

That career, which spans since beginning in private practice in 1982 has included now two tours as a district judge, three stints with the 15th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney office under Jerry Don Ramey and current prosecutor Tom Tatum II, a juvenile referee, a city attorney and, also spent 12 years as the mayor of the City of Booneville.

Mueller came to the bench, making a return actually, from serving as a Tatum’s Logan County deputy.

“I enjoyed prosecuting. I enjoyed working with all the law enforcement people and enjoyed working with the prosecutors I guess it just worked out good for me.”

The stint as district judge is a second for Mueller as he ran to complete the term of the late Paul X Williams, serving in 2007 and 2008.

Now more than a month into the term Mueller said the district bench is largely unchanged from his term of almost a decade ago, handling “mostly traffic citations to misdemeanor offenses and small claims civil cases,” said Mueller.

At the end of that term, Mueller was faced with a decision to run for another term as district judge or campaign for the circuit judge seat vacated when Paul Danielson landed a state Supreme Court position.

Mueller chose the later but lost an election to the Ramey, who still holds the position.

Mueller succeeded the Betsy Danielson as District Judge as she joined her husband former Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Paul Danielson in retirement.

Mueller is married to Pam Mueller, a public educator. The couple has three children in Michael, Natalie and Kimberly, who is, like her father, an attorney.