Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins is taking aim at what he is terming a major problem residents are causing for the city’s sanitation department.

Consequently, Wilkins is set to strictly enforce the city ordinance dealing with the trash service. Of particular concern are the metal enclosed plastic tubs some residents are using.

“When you go down through part of town these big old metal boxes that people put their trash in are an eyesore and they’re getting worse,” said Wilkins. “We used to have them just here and there but everybody is getting one.”

“What happens is they will put their trash in it and it keeps filling up from the bottom and all of a sudden you’ve got a half a bin of loose trash.”

The ordinance dealing with the trash service was passed in 1993 and stipulates six bags per pickup and 50 pounds per bag.

“That’s pretty lenient,” said Wilkins. “We get bags that weigh 100 pounds. When they weigh 100 pounds the bottom falls out.”

Location of solid waste will also be scrutinized.

“They need to be place on the curbside, not in the yard or the side alleys where the trash truck goes through, “Wilkins added.

The bags themselves are required to be “securely tied, durable, leak and vector proof plastic or a heavy duty covered plastic container,” the ordinance states. Bags are also not to exceed 32 gallon size.

Wilkins said enforcement of the ordinance will begin two weeks from today (Feb. 15).

“They’re going to go out and their little container is going to be gone. I’m getting too many complaints about those things,” said Wilkins.

The containers, Wilkins added, are also making it difficult for sanitation workers to do their jobs.

“We’re trying to run this service for $12.75 with two employees (collecting the trash) where in other cities it may be $20 a month. They’re going to have to help me,” said Wilkins.