Magazine School District joins districts across the state to celebrate School Board Member Recognition Month in January. More than 1500 Arkansas school board members are being honored for their service and dedication to public education.

“The school is the heart of our community here in Magazine and our board members assume a crucial role in representing our students and advocating for public education,” said Magazine Superintendent Brett Bunch. “Our community, school and staff are very proud of our members, and Arkansas School Board Recognition Month is a great time to recognize them and say thank you for always putting our students first in all of their decisions.”

The members serving on the Magazine School Board are President LeAnna Jones, Vice President Alfonzo Vasquez, Secretary Robert Curtis, in his 11th year of service member Danny Loyd, and with 10 years of service Member Manfred Phillips.

“Our school continues to benefit from the vision and leadership of our board members. Each one brings a unique yet focused perspective to our district,” said Bunch. “Sir John Lubbock once said, ‘what we see mainly depends on what we look for,’ I can assure you these five board members are always looking for what is best for our students and their futures.

“On behalf of the administration, educators, staff, students, and parents I would like to say thank you for your unwavering dedication and commitment to the Magazine School District.”