A plan to put advertising on buses of the Booneville School District has been delayed and is bordering on abandoned.

In November Crosswalk Marketing officials, the company working with the district, said it could have the ads on the buses as early as the start of the second semester, if sponsors were located for each of the 15 buses in the fleet.

Last week Superintendent of Schools John Parrish said it was his understanding that there were only one or two such sponsors who had fully committed to the project.

“It’s not dead,” Parrish said of the idea. “But if we can’t make it worth our while, we’re probably not going to do it for just two.

“We did our best on it. We may be a little bit too small of a community for this to float. You may have to have a school that’s the size of Alma or larger for this to work. But it didn’t hurt anything.”

After first being discussed in the August school board meeting the idea of bus advertising was tabled, but it was later revisited and Crosswalk officials conducted two meetings at the Chamber of Commerce office in September and November.

Then the ads were described as a campaign for the school, with only the sponsor’s name and a tag line with no phone number or website.

The proposed price was $1,200 for a year for the sponsor and would include a $300 design and material creation fee with the remaining $900 being a 75-25 split resulting in the school district receiving $675 per sponsorship, or about $10,125 in a year, if all spots were sold.

The law legalizing bus advertising stipulates any money derived from bus ad sales be spent for transportation purposes.