According to the definition pertinent to a resolution, with New Year’s as a modifier, is to make a firm resolution to do something.

Now four days into the new year means the firmness of more than a few New Year’s resolutions has caused them to go by the wayside.

According to the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion the top resolution for 2017 is a newcomer in “being a better person,” chosen by 16 percent, knocking weight loss from its perch atop the list.

If you’re in agreement, or want to join the majority in that resolution — of course “being a better person” is open to interpretation — maybe these five suggestions right here in South Logan County on how to follow through on your resolution.

• If that means opening up to new things: There is likely no better place in South Logan County to do that than the Booneville Library. If that sentence conjured up a librarian insisting shhhhhh, then maybe it’s time to visit the library again.

The library is often abuzz. There are programs for pre-schoolers, internet access, daily newspapers, DVDs for checkout, a genealogy section the envy of many other libraries it size and, of course, books. The books are available in the traditional bound and print version as well as digitally. In addition the McConnell Exhibit, dedicated to Gen. John Paul McConnell, a Booneville man who ascended to the Air Force’s with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a must for any historian.

• If that means getting in better shape now that we’re a week or so removed from Christmas dinners and parties, you can easily locate a gym and or a fitness center in South Logan County. Or, if you are the do-it-yourselfer, there are two walking trails at Veteran’s Park and Marcelle Phillips City Park in Booneville and Magazine’s Hank Stone Park has one as well.

There is a goal to connect the two parks in Booneville but efforts have thus far been stymied. Maybe that will be Mayor Jerry Wilkins’ resolution.

• If that means serving others, like volunteering more, there are specific groups like the BHDC Volunteer Council, the Friends of the Library and other organizations like the Booneville Development Corporation/South Logan County Chamber of Commerce typically looking for volunteers. Finding a spot should not be too difficult.

For instance if you have a heart for people, Arkansas Tech University Ozark’s Adult Education program at the Booneville Training Site is in desperate need of tutors for English as a second language clients. Speaking at the Booneville Rotary Club last week Christy McCollough said three students are needing tutors now.

• If that means self examination there are any number of ways to do that, including spiritually. You will not have trouble finding a church in South Logan County who would be more than willing to help you on that journey.

The Democrat’s devotional page lists 50 churches each week including Assemblies of God, Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ, interdenominational, Lutheran, Methodist, non-denominational, Pentecostal and Presbyterian.

• If that means eating better, like exercise, still a biggie on the Marist study, the choices are fewer locally especially if eating out, but there is almost always something healthy to be found in produce sections at local retailers.

Of course the Marist study found that 56 percent are likely to make no change at all.