Three of the Logan County Long Shots competed in the State PPP/PTO competition over their spring break. I

n the junior supported air pistol division, Tiangang Huang placed second overall winning the silver medal and Reese Nietert placed seventh. Natosha Hammonds competed in the men’s and women’s international one handed standing air pistol, winning the bronze for the overall best senior shooter.

Hammonds has also received an automatic invite to the National Junior Olympics for receiving the bronze in the State Junior Olympic competition (NJOC) in January.

If anyone would like to help support the club or any youth ages 9-19 or would like to be a member of the Long Shots 4-H club feel free to contact the main leader, Michael Hammonds, at 969-2753 or county extension agent, Sarah Whitaker, at 675-2787.

The Long Shots would like to thank these supporters: Friends of the NRA, Logan County 4-H Foundation, River Valley Animal Foods Scranton, and Jason Coleman for helping with some of their expenses.