On Saturday, April 19 South Logan County Farm Bureau held a dairy food contest. The categories were party ideas and main dish.

4H members and school age students were welcome to enter the contest by making a dish and taking it to the Farm Bureau office in Booneville on that date. The dishes were judged on presentation and taste.

The entries had to have dairy products in the dish. The party ideas could include desserts and party dishes such as dips or finger foods. Main dish entries could be any dish that is used in a meal as long as it included dairy products such as cheese, milk, yogurt, butter, or any other dairy product.

Michal-Ann Dobson, a 4Her from the Magazine 4H Club and a sixth grade student in Magazine, was the winner in the party food ideas category. She is the daughter of Harry and Kim Dobson of Magazine.

Dobson’s entry was homemade ice cream with homemade chocolate syrup and homemade whipped cream. Her dairy ingredients included cream, heavy cream, milk, and butter. She put pecans and a cherry on top to decorate her ice cream sundae.

Dobson’s recipe and entry form will be sent to Little Rock where it will be entered into the state competition judging. If chosen as a finalist, she will compete against others in the party ideas category in Little Rock. She will have to prepare her dish at that time and present it for a taste test to the judges’ panel.