Mount Magzine State Park has scheduled a number of special activities in coming days.

Here’s a rundown.


9 a.m. Barn Swallow Survey: Circumnavigate the lodge to tally nesting birds, especially barn swallows. These amazing flying bug zappers have moved in to raise families in almost every nook and cranny around the complex. Explore barn swallow life history and watch amazing aerobatics. Meet in the lodge lobby. Binoculars available. It will last one hour.


Birding Big Day: Bird songs fill the forests on Mount Magazine during this peak period of spring migration. Warblers, tanagers, thrushes, and many more woodland birds are arriving from their winter homes in anticipation of a successful reproductive season. Birders are encouraged to participate as part of the International Migratory Bird Count.

7 a.m. Mountain Morning Music: Early morning is the best time to experience Mount Magazine. Listen to a forest full of songbirds. Join a park interpreter for a beautiful mountain morning hike. Meet at the Benefield Picnic Area. ½ mile, 1 hour.

9 a.m. Warbler Walk: Songbirds of all kinds are migrating to and through Arkansas. Mount Magazine State Park is a great place to see and hear a wide variety of these colorful singers. Warblers, vireos, tanagers, thrushes, and more are expected. Meet at the Benefield Picnic Area for an easy walk in search of warblers and other woodland birds along the edge of the picnic area and entrance road. Fully accessible, 1 hour.

2 p.m. Conservation Hike: Mount Magazine is a testament to successful conservation and rehabilitation of a natural environment. The west end of the mountain is a wonderful showcase of how far the state park has returned to its natural setting. Join a park interpreter at the Brown Springs Picnic Area for this 90 minute hike.

4 p.m. Pinecone Birdfeeders: Make a simple but effective birdfeeder you can take home with you. Using completely biodegradable materials make a craft that you and the animals in your yard can appreciate. This will involve peanut butter. Meet at the visitor center. 30 minutes.

8 p.m. Owl Prowl: Who? Who wants to hear an owl in the wild? Join a park interpreter to go on a night time prowl to search for owls in their natural habitat. Meet at the Benefield Picnic Area. 45 minutes.


9 a.m. Sparrow Search: Mount Magazine State Park is the only known nesting site for rufous-crowned sparrows in Arkansas. Meet at the hang glider launch site to try to find sparrows and other birds. ½ hour.

10 a.m. Build-A-Black Bear: Mount Magazine State Park is known to be home to many American black bears. These majestic creatures are part of some of our guests’ favorite memories of the park. Now take home your own bear as well as memories of the park. We will put together your own stuffed bear while learning about the bears that call Mount Magazine State Park home. Purchase tickets at the front desk. Meet in the lodge hearth room. Admission: $20 per bear.

2 p.m. Historical Park Tour: Explore some of the many historic sites in Mount Magazine State Park during this guided tour. Enjoy the comfort of a van ride as a park interpreter takes you to many of Mount Magazine State Park’s points of interest, including old homesteads, farms, and historic overlooks. Space is limited. Sign up at the lodge front desk. Admission $3. 1 ½ hour.

Wednesday, May 10

10 a.m. Wildflower Walk: Mount Magazine’s roadsides and trail sides are awash with color. Learn to identify many of the beautiful wildflowers that give Mount Magazine its beautiful colors on a guided hike with a park interpreter. Meet at the visitor center. One hour.