Arkansas Lottery officials today congratulated the winner of the Natural State Jackpot and all the Arkansan’s who participate in the game and their support of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

The winning Natural State Jackpot ticket was purchased in Cabot, and won by a player who lives in the town of Lonoke, but players from all over Arkansas contributed to the success of this recent Natural State Jackpot Game run.

As a direct result of their play and the games success, the Natural State Jackpot game produced record lottery sales of over $3,186,830 during this jackpot run from Jan. 15 to April 10. The success of the Natural State Jackpot game can be seen in the 1,462,486 tickets sold in Arkansas during the run, with prizes won totaling over $1,242,550, a lot of Arkansan’s took home a portion of the games success, excitement and prizes, along with producing a jackpot winner from Lonoke and a great amount of funding toward Arkansas Scholarships.

A portion of all Arkansas Scholarship Lottery sales are transferred to fund scholarships for students in the state. The success of the Natural State Jackpot game is very evident in how players in the state reacted to the recent $410,000 jackpot run. Their support of the game has generated a transfer amount of $1,674,957, that will directly support and produce additional scholarship funding for graduating high school seniors this year.

The $1.674 million will transfer into an additional 1,674 scholarships of $1,000 each, for this year’s graduating high school seniors, from the sales of this game.

A portion of all game sales contribute directly to Arkansas education, approximately 50 percent of the NSJ game sales can be counted as return for the lottery to support scholarships in the state, for current and graduating high school seniors. Additional scholarship information can be found by visiting the Arkansas Department of Higher Education website at

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery and the Arkansas Lottery Commission salute all Arkansas graduating seniors and thank all the Arkansan’s who support our games, programs and promotions. Additional information can be found at