One filing period ended last Tuesday. Another is set to start a week from Friday.

Booneville School Board president Carol Lloyd joked last week everyone should have the experience of serving on a school board and jury duty so she was stepping away from the board after six years.

Lloyd was appointed to the board to fill a vacancy when Beth Bryant resigned and subsequently won an additional five-year term in 2009, but she will not be seeking reelection to position 7 on the board.

Instead, Andy Napier will occupy the seat. Turning in paperwork on the last day of the filing period last Tuesday, Napier was the only one to seek the seat.

Napier is a candidate for the board for a second time. He campaigned against Mike Farris in 2008. Farris, who had resigned from one post was then seeking Position 4 and ran unopposed for that seat last year.

Position 6 was also open on the board. Janie Woolley had been appointed to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Bobby Cobb shortly after his reelection to the board last year.

Woolley, a former school district administrator, counselor and teacher, is running unopposed as well, for the remaining four years of Cobb’s term.

While there is not a race in Booneville, there is one in Magazine.

Joseph Haller chose not to seek re-election to Position 5 on the board and the vacancy drew two candidates in Calvin Bennett and Leanna Jones.

School elections will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

The municipal election period is also set to get underway. The filing period for aldermen, city clerk or attorney and mayor candidates starts at noon on July 25. The period ends at noon on Aug. 15.

Elected on a biannual basis, all six alderman positions are open in Booneville as are the clerk and mayor positions, both of which are elected for four years.

The be a candidate for any of those positions a candidate must submit a petition bearing the signatures of 30 registered voters within the city limits.

All two-year alderman positions as well as the four-year recorder/treasurer and mayor posts are also open in both Magazine and Blue Mountain. Candidates for those positions must submit petitions bearing the names of 10 registered voters.